REACH School - Headteacher Miss Nicola Redhead BA Hons, PGCE, NPQH

Thank you for visiting the website of REACH School. REACH is an alternative provision school for students in years 9 - 11. Opening in September 2013 the school was created to support the mainstream schools that make up the South Network of Birmingham. Our values are underpinned by a supportive and inclusive ethos, allowing students to thrive and be themselves. At REACH we aim to raise standards amongst the most vulnerable learners in South Birmingham with quality accredited pathways and personal development programmes. We have created innovative spaces in school to support student's learning and enable us to deliver an appropriate and relevant curriculum specific to the individual needs of our students. We have the very highest expectations of students, and of ourselves, and year on year we set challenging targets and goals and then work tirelessly to ensure these are achieved, not just in academic performance but in all aspects of school life.

We understand that positive relationships are cruicial to success in life, and to successful learning. Students learn and develop most effectively when they are happy and secure.  At Reach School we strive to develop an environment in which young people thrive, working to develop trust and mutual respect between everybody within our school and beyond.

I trust you will find all the information you are looking for on this site, if not please contact the school.   


Reach School

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This weeks exams




Food & Catering

Monday 20th May


Religious Studies Paper 2 Peace/Conflict

Monday 20th May


Maths Paper 1 (non calculator)

Tuesday 21st May


Science Physics Paper 1

Wednesday 22nd May


English Literature Paper 2

Thursday 23rd May


Challenge Day