Reach School and The Albion Foundation have developed a bespoke programme directly aimed at Key Stage 3 students who are external to The Foundation’s ‘Time Out’ programme. One day a week Reach school attend The Foundation and take part in the ‘Enterprise’, ‘Upfront’, ‘Achieve’ and ‘Time Out’ programmes including using sport as a reward. Programmes are tailored to each group or individual and include mentoring, positive well-being, employability, life skills and behaviour intervention.

The Albion Foundation aims to engage a variety of young people; improving achievement, changing behaviour, increasing attendance, raising self-esteem and boosting confidence. Albion coaches:

  • Work in class with individuals, deliver intervention programmes and wellbeing programmes in small groups or on a one-to-one basis
  • Provide rewards and incentives
  • Organise and deliver out of school activities including match day activities

Make a measurable difference to achievement, attendance and engagement

Enterprise       Upfront