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Summary of Business /Pecuniary Interests Register for REACH School Governing Body 2020 – 2021
Name Position Name of Organisation Nature of Interest Date Interest Ceased
Nicola Raggett Chair of Governors

Chair of Finance Committee

Link Governor for Finance


Headteacher Kings Norton Girls School Commissioning School N/A
Malcolm Weaver Vice Chair of Governors

Link Governor for Health and Safety


None N/A
Nicola Redhead Headteacher

Accounting Officer

Queensbridge School Governor at Commissioning School N/A
Tim Boyes Trustee and Member CEO Birmingham Education Partnership Education Support N/A
Helen Reeves Link Governor for Curriculum


Headteacher Queensbridge School Commissioning School N/A
Lisa Darwood Link Governor for

Finance Committee


Headteacher Selly Park Girls School Commissioning School N/A
Sarah McAneny Link Governor for Safeguarding and SEND

Finance Committee


None N/A
Alison Miller Staff Governor


None N/A
Performance Data

2017-2018 Performance Data

84.38% of students were entered for 5 or more GCSE’s

71.88% of students achieved a Grade 9-1 in Maths and English

100% of students achieved at least 1 GCSE

75% of students achieved 5 or more Grade 9-1 GCSE’s

68.75% of students achieved 5 or more Grade 9-1 GCSE’s including Maths and Englis

Curriculum Statement

At REACH school, we understand the importance of a well-rounded, fulfilling curriculum to prepare our students for their further education, and for their future as citizens of the UK.

At REACH School, we recognise that students who attend our school exhibit a wide range of both educational and emotional needs, which by their very nature can impinge negatively on their progress. Our aim is to provide them with the highest quality provision. It is therefore important that we provide a curriculum which is enriched by a range of planned activities and experiences to enhance learning and personal development so:

  • Students become successful learners, who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve.
  • Students become confident individuals who are able to live a safe, healthy and fulfilling life.
  • Students become active and responsible citizens who make a positive contribution.
  • The curriculum needs to be flexible, inclusive and offer continuity, coherence and progression, motivating and challenging all of our students whatever their ability and promoting achievement for all.

Our curriculum seeks to promote:

  • Education as an important and on-going process, which enriches the lives of all members of the community and through this, the society in which they live and to which they contribute.
  • Education as a route to the spiritual, moral, social, cultural, physical and mental development, and thus the well-being of the individual.
  • Education as a route to equality of opportunity for all.
  • Education that reaffirms our commitment to the virtues of truth, honesty, tolerance, trust and respect.
  • Reaching all Educating to Achieve through Challenge and High Expectations.

Life Skills

Life Skills at REACH School is the way in which we deliver PSHE. Through work in lesson time and a wide range of activities across and beyond the curriculum, students gain practical knowledge and skills to help them live healthily and deal with the spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues they face as they approach adulthood.

Subject overview- all students have the opportunity to study:

  • GCSE English, English Literature, GCSE Mathematics, GCSE Science and ICT.
  • Life Skills.
  • Two more GCSE options from Art, Catering, Physical Education, ICT, Religious Studies, History and Health and Social Care.

Enriched Curriculum

  • Work Related Learning uses the context of work to develop knowledge, skills and understanding needed in a working environment. Students attend their work placement on a weekly basis for 5 hours where they gain employability skills, skills in punctuality, customer service, tool handling, communication, team-work and ICT, alongside level 1 or 2 vocational qualifications.
  • CEIAG programme at REACH is an important part of our school curriculum ensuring all students have access to support and opportunities to enable them to make informed decisions about their future.
  • Challenge Day enables students to take part in activities to help improve and develop personal and social skills through experiences involving co-operation, trust, problem solving, decision making, goal setting, communication, leadership, responsibility and reflection.
Our Vision

REACH will raise standards amongst the most vulnerable learners in South Birmingham with quality accredited pathways and therapeutic personal development programmes. At the centre of a mature network of secondary schools REACH will build engagement through the development of innovative environments and tailored support.

We are committed to challenging pupils in ways that increase resilience. By supporting families and providing a bridge for sixteen year olds into appropriate educational or vocational progression, we champion maximised life chances for all young people.

Within a bigger educational family, REACH grows out of the need for a continuum of provision providing swift access to learning for young people at risk of being out of education or those who have already fallen outside of mainstream settings. As part of an assessment process, wherever possible we will reintroduce learners, fully or partially, to healthy mainstream education. Benefitting from the powerful collaboration of the maintained schools of South Birmingham we are building on a track record of successful fresh starts following short-term interventions as well as discrete long-term alternative education pathways.

Reaching out to all our learners, we will

Educate them in the widest sense so that they can

Achieve their potential and progress on to appropriate pathways.

Challenging our learners in a variety of different ways that increase resilience, we will have

High expectations of student and family engagement, which in turn will bring success.


REACH School Headteacher Miss Nicola Redhead

REACH is an alternative provision school for students in years 9 – 11. Our values are underpinned by a supportive and inclusive ethos, allowing students to thrive and be themselves. At REACH we aim to raise standards amongst the most vulnerable learners in South Birmingham with quality accredited pathways and personal development programmes. We have created innovative spaces in school to support student’s learning and enable us to deliver an appropriate and relevant curriculum specific to the individual needs of our students. We have the very highest expectations of students, and of ourselves, year on year we set challenging targets and goals and then work tirelessly to ensure these are achieved, not just in academic performance but in all aspects of school life.

We understand that positive relationships are crucial to success in life, and to successful learning. Students learn and develop most effectively when they are happy and secure.  At Reach School we strive to develop an environment in which young people thrive, working to develop trust and mutual respect between everybody within our school and beyond.