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All students with SEND are identified on entry to the school. Students are supported within lessons, one to one and with outside agency support.  

Some of the outside agencies that come into school are the Communication and Autism Team, Pupil and School Support Services, Speech and Language Therapist, Educational Psychologist and the Sensory Support Services when needed.  

The SENCO and Assistant SENCO are always willing to speak to parents about any needs they feel their children may have and how they can be best supported in school.  

Please see the Reach SEND Policy and SEND Information Report for detailed information of how students with SEND are supported within Reach School.

Our SENCO is Amanda Thomas. Our Assistant SENCO is Alison Miller 

Pastoral Hub

In the pastoral team we support students and families on a wide range of issues from short term interventions to more long term work. This covers everything from attendance to safeguarding, home visits to in school support. We work alongside families and outside agencies to ensure that needs are met in a safe and friendly way.

To ensure that all students who attend REACH School are supported to overcome any barriers to their education so they can fulfill their potential and achieve. We also look at behaviour initiatives to engage the students and reward them for their positive achievements. This can range from a positive nomination from individual staff, end of term trips to voucher reward incentive.

Attendance and Inclusion

Attendance is at the very core of REACH School, if we do not attend we cannot expect to achieve. With good attendance students can expect to receive a full-time education which maximises their opportunities and realise his/her true potential, supporting the raising of standards of achievement.

Within school we actively discuss and promote attendance on a regular basis with all students ensuring they understand the benefits of good attendance. Attending that school not only benefits them academically, but has a positive impact on their physical, emotional and social development as well. We adopt a rewards system to benefit those that have good attendance and engage those that may need support. For students that do need a little encouragement we offer a range of support systems to help get them back on track.

We strive to build positive relationships with all parents and carers as your support is vital to our success. We will be in constant contact to discuss not just the negatives but the positive successes your child achieves.

We pride ourselves on being an inclusive school. Staff will work hard to support all students to access their education. We utilise the benefits of being a small, close knit school to develop positive relationships and work dynamically with students to support them through their day.

We will endeavour to provide a welcoming, caring environment, whereby all students thrive and work with students and families to enable each student to attend REACH School regularly and punctually.

All parents and carers have a legal responsibility to ensure their child is attending school.

REACH school uses Birmingham City Councils Fast Track process to take legal action against the parents/carers of those with poor attendance.

More information can be found here.

Government Guidelines can be found here.