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Term Times
2018 / 2019First day of termLast day of term
Autumn TermMonday 3rd September 2018Friday 26th October 2018
Autumn TermMonday 5th November 2018Friday 21st December 2018
Spring TermMonday 7th January 2019Friday 15th February 2019
Spring TermMonday 25th February 2019Friday 12th April 2019
Summer TermMonday 29th April 2019Friday 24th May 2019
Summer TermMonday 3rd June 2019Monday 22nd July 2019
2019 / 2020First day of termLast day of term
Autumn TermMonday 2nd September 2019Friday 25th October 2019
Autumn TermMonday 4th November 2019Friday 20th December 2019
Spring TermMonday 6th January 2020Friday 14th February 2020
Spring TermMonday 24th February 2020Friday 3rd April 2020
Summer TermMonday 20th April 2020Friday 22nd May 2020
Summer TermMonday 1st June 2020Monday 20th July 2020
Our School Day

School opens at 8:30am for Breakfast Club.  All Reach students are welcome to a hot breakfast  in a warm and safe environment to start the day.
Period 19:30am
Period 210:20am
Period 311:10am
Lunch (provided by the school)12:00pm
Period 412:30pm
Period 51:20pm
Period 62:10pm
End of school  Day3:00pm

There may be clubs and societies running after school.  If a student wishes to attend any of  these permission will be sought from their parent/guardian before the student is allowed to attend.