1:Human Lifespan Development
B: Investigate how individuals deal with life events

Coping with Life

For this task, you must choose two people who are willing to be interviewed about their life and events that have affected them. Your individuals could include:

  • yourself
  • friends
  • relatives
  • individuals taken from case studies provided by your teacher.

Your work will focus on how your two people were affected by the same life event.

Please remember that if you use real people, you must maintain confidentiality by changing names and places. You will also need to obtain written permission from them to use their information in your work.

Your work, based on your interviews, should be presented as an information pack and divided into three sections.

  1. The actual life event and the impact of this on each of the individuals
  2. How each individual adapted to the life event
  3. The role that support played in helping them to adapt and the value of the support to the individuals

Section 1

The first section of your information pack should begin by introducing the individuals and the life event you have selected.

You should then explain the impact of the life event on each individual, giving examples of the different ways in which each person was affected by the same event.

Section 2

The second section of your information pack should explain how your two, chosen individuals adapted to the life event using support from agencies, families other organisations, giving examples of the sources of support used by each individual.

Section 3

The third section of your information pack should assess how well each individual adapted to the selected life event, the role support played in helping each one to adapt and how valuable this was.

You should also compare the ways in which each individual adapted to the changes brought about by the life event.