REACH will raise standards amongst the most vulnerable learners in South Birmingham with quality accredited pathways and therapeutic personal development programmes. At the centre of a mature network of secondary schools REACH will build engagement through the development of innovative environments and tailored support.

We are committed to challenging pupils in ways that increase resilience. By supporting families and providing a bridge for sixteen year olds into appropriate educational or vocational progression, we champion maximised life chances for all young people.

Within a bigger educational family, REACH grows out of the need for a continuum of provision providing swift access to learning for young people at risk of being out of education or those who have already fallen outside of mainstream settings. As part of an assessment process, wherever possible we will reintroduce learners, fully or partially, to healthy mainstream education. Benefitting from the powerful collaboration of the maintained schools of South Birmingham we are building on a track record of successful fresh starts following short-term interventions as well as discrete long-term alternative education pathways.

Reaching out to all our learners, we will

Educate them in the widest sense so that they can

Achieve their potential and progress on to appropriate pathways.

Challenging our learners in a variety of different ways that increase resilience, we will have

High expectations of student and family engagement, which in turn will bring success.