Stay Home and Study Maths

Maths isn’t just for exams. Maths is for life no matter what we do. Maths has a huge effect on all our lives. Just think of the things that wouldn’t be possible without Maths. Creating spending budgets, paying for groceries, buying things on sale, and cooking meals all must deal with Maths in some way or another. One must be able to measure out ingredients, count money, and determine limits when it comes to certain tasks like the examples above. People never realise how much Maths is around them until they take a step back and look.

The Mathematics department would love you to stay engaged over the coming months despite the cancellation of exams. Below are some suggestions of books, websites, films and videos you could watch to develop your understanding of the Maths.

Reading at Home


Here are some great books that you can read at home.  They should all be available on Amazon.  Amazon will let you read a few pages online so you can see if you like the book before you buy.  

The first two books are on you tube if you would like to read along with someone else.

The Greedy Triangle
by Marilyn Burns

Balancing Act by
By Ellen Stoll Walsh

Anno’s Magic Seeds
by Mitsumasa Anno

Alex’s Adventures in Numberland By Alex Bellos

The Joy of X by Steven Strogatz

Mathematics for the Nonmathematician by Morris Kline

Math Girls
by Hiroshi Yuki

Giant Pumpkin Suite
By Melanie Heuiser Hill

Genius: The Game
By Leopoldo Gout

Hidden Figures
By Margot Lee Shetterly

Movies that you could watch.

These movies will show you the beauty of maths in real life. You can find these on Amazon or Netflix

A Beautiful Mind
A Beautiful Mind is more than just an interesting tale about a paranoid mathematician, it shares several examples of how beautiful mathematics truly is and how it applies to our everyday world.

The Man Who Knew Infinity
simply a fantastic story about the rise of a famous mathematician and a beautiful mentorship that allowed him to overcome great odds to change the field of mathematics forever.

Queen of Katwe
This relatively unknown Disney movie about 10-year-old Phiona and her incredible rise to become a chess master.

You won’t find a movie that demonstrates the tremendous role that mathematics plays in professional sports better than Moneyball.

Stand and Deliver
An incredibly inspiring true story about gang members and no-hopers working to pass their maths test.

The Martian
Probably the best STEM movie ever. There are countless scenes where Matt Damon has to use mathematics and mathematical reasoning to overcome challenges and advance his quest for survival.

October Sky
awesome STEM-themed movie that shows mathematics applied to the real-world.

Back to the Future
Comically explores maths in the context of time travel

Hidden Figures
Incredible and inspiring movie that demonstrates the power of mathematics and the fact that the subject is open to individuals of all genders and backgrounds.

Donald in Mathmagic Land
This timeless gem was made to show kids that mathematics is more than just a set of procedures and rules.
(you can watch the full movie for free on YouTube 😊).

Here are some sites that you can explore while at home.

My Maths

You will all have had your MyMaths logins sent home to you.  There are some great games on this site to test your skills.

BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons

Some great lessons for those who are missing school and want to engage their brains.

My Barton Maths

One of the best sites on the net for learning maths.

BBC Bitesize Maths

This link takes you directly to the maths section on Bitesize.

Education Quizzes

Feel like a challenge?  Test your knowledge by taking one of the quizzes on this site.

Curious about how to do something in maths?  

Sometimes we can get a problem that just niggles us and we want to find the solution straight away.   If this is happening to you then you can use the QR codes below on your phone or web cam to learn the method to find the solution to the problem.

Shape and Space

I want to know how to…



Calculate the volume of a cuboid


Draw a bearing diagram using angles 0 – 360°

Compound area

Find the area of a shape made up of triangles and rectangles (and circles)


Calculate the area of a trapezium and give units


Find the perimeter(circumference) or area of a circle or semicircle

Angle facts

Identify corresponding, alternate and opposite angles.

Use angle sum of triangle straight line etc


I want to know how to…


Simple percentages

Work out 17.5% or 44% using non calc method

Percentage increase/decrease

Increase an amount by a given percentage

Calculate the percentage an amount has been increased by

Finding 100%

Find the original price when given a sale price and % reduction.

Expressing as a percentage

Express one quantity as a percentage of another


Estimate a calculation by rounding to 1sf

Distance/ Speed/ Time

Use the triangle to find Distance, Speed or Time.


I want to know how to…



Simplify by collecting terms


Use known facts to form and solve an equation


Solve simple equations

Trial and Improvement

Use a table to find the solution of an equation

Unitary method

Find the value of 1 share and solve the problem

Unitary method


Use the given unit values to compare two currencies

Ratio (unitary)

Find the value of 1 share and solve the problem

Standard form

Write ordinary numbers in standard form and vice versa

Handling data and probability

I want to know how to…



Know that probabilities add to 1 (100%) and used this fact to work out missing probabilities


Complete probabilities on a tree diagram

Frequency table (and mean)

Calculate the total number of items represented and find the mean

Grouped data tables

Add cumulative frequency column

Draw cumulative frequency graphs


Construct box plots

Grouped data tables

Estimate the mean

Grouped data tables

Identify the median and modal classes.

Scatter graphs

Plot points on a graph

Draw a line of best fit

Describe the relationship/correlation

Use the graph to make predictions

Two-way tables

Complete and use a two-way table

Representing data

Construct a stem and leaf diagram

Questionnaires/data collection sheets

Criticise a given question

Design a suitable question

Design a suitable data collection sheet


Complete a table and plot a graph for a straight line.

Read the graph accurately.