What are they?

T-levels are a new qualification which will be starting in September 2020. They will follow on from G.C.S.E’s and will be equivalent to 3 A-levels.

What do they consist of and how long is the course?

T-levels are a two year qualification that prepares students for the world of work. T-levels will offer students both classroom learning and industry experience. Student will complete a 45 day placement in their chosen industry.

T-levels will provide knowledge and experience needed to “open the door” into skilled employment or further study.

What industry can I complete a T-Level in?

The first 3 T-levels will start in September 2020 at selected colleges and schools in England in the following industries:

  • design, surveying and planning for construction
  • digital production, design and development
  • education and childcare

More T-levels will start in the following years until all 25 are available covering everything from engineering to catering.

When will other T-levels start?

From Autumn 2021 T-level courses start in the following subject areas:

  • building services engineering
  • digital business services
  • digital support and services
  • health
  • healthcare science
  • onsite construction
  • science

From Autumn 2022

T Level courses start in these subject areas:

  • legal
  • finance
  • accounting
  • maintenance, installation and repair
  • manufacturing and process
  • design, development and control
  • human resources
  • management and administration

From Autumn 2023

T Level courses start in these subject areas:

  • animal care and management
  • agriculture, land management and production
  • craft and design
  • cultural heritage and visitor attractions
  • media, broadcast and production
  • hair, beauty and aesthetics
  • catering

If you would like any further information about T-levels please visit the following website https://www.tlevels.gov.uk/