Year 9 at Reach School Is a unique alternative education provision aimed at re-engaging young people back into education through an innovative and inspiring programme that will develop a new attitude towards learning. Here at Reach School we aim to prepare and support our Year 9 students through the option process ready for their chosen GCSE subjects in Year 10 and 11, or where possible, reintegrate them back in to mainstream education.

Our Year 9 programme provides a learning environment that will stimulate and challenge students through a mixture of core curriculum lessons and indigenous education through a broad enrichment programme and challenge day activities that all students are exposed to, to improve academic attainment, behaviour, self-confidence and self-esteem. Students are set clear boundaries as a year group and set individual clear goals for their own personal development. Year 9 students will explore the world around them and ask questions which help them achieve and make progress throughout their time at Reach.

Throughout Year 9 we aim to build a partnership between the school and families or care providers of the students to help engage the student to give them the best foundation to succeed here at Reach. We aim to work together with parents/carers from the initial integration meeting in order to support the students as they transition in to the school and continue this throughout the student’s time in Year 9. Parents/carers are given regular feedback on the progress of their child through the regular contact with the Year 9 Co-ordinator, termly reports and parents evening.

We ask that all parents support the school policies, work closely with staff to support their child’s learning and communicate any issues that may affect their child’s progress.

Our long term plan is to continue to build a fully inclusive and engaging programme for our Year 9 students that will enable them to fully re-engage with education and succeed later in life. Above is our current timetable for Year 9 that covers a wide array of core curriculum and enrichment sessions. Our extensive programme is designed to assist in the development of transferable skills and qualities necessary to progress into KS4 and Post-16. We expect our students to take full advantage of them; challenging and enjoying themselves with new skills and experiences