At REACH the aim is to enrich students through a range of fiction and non-fiction texts which inspire learners and enable them to learn about the world around us. We aim to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world through personalised learning.

In Year 11, students receive 4 lessons a week: two language lessons and two for literature. More time is given to English on the timetable as it supports and underpins the curriculum. In Year 10, students receive three lessons to embed key language skills and introduce them to English literature.

English is empowering, as students develop a rich vocabulary making them better equipped to articulate what they truly want to say, whilst understanding the power of words.

The skills they learn in English will help develop their reading and writing skills, but more importantly, make them better communicators – a skill for life!

The 'English, Why Bother?' resource aims to help show students the explicit links between the English curriculum and the world of work.