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Media Studies

At REACH we aim to develop our students’ confidence in critically engaging with media texts of all styles and types. Across the course of study, students will develop an understanding of and analytical approach to television, radio, music, video games, advertising, film, print media and online media.

The lessons include a deliberate focus on broadening students’ media technical language, something that is supported by our knowledge organisers, as students are actively encouraged to experiment with the application and use of technical and theoretical terminology throughout their studies.

The development of analytical skills across Year 10 helps to build the required familiarity with the rigorous requirements of the GCSE exams and frequent and purposeful practise of key exam questions and styles is built in for termly review. This is revisited and revised in Year 11 to enable students to catch up as they reach us at different points throughout the year.

Press Coverage
Camera Recording in the House
Choosing the Right Photos